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Saturday 30.05.15
Studio Foce Lugano at 20:00
Check-In opens 19:30
Duration: approx. 2 hours
Admission Free!
Open throughout!


20:00 // DIALOGUE 1


ANTONELLO CECCHINATO was trained at the Scuola Teatro Dimitri and has been working for over 20 years for the Associazione Gulliver di Giullari, with which, at the beginning, he roamed as a traveling theater member through summer camps in Ticino. Within the Associazione Gulliver di Giullardi he is part of the narrative theater troupe Confabula and works with the company of the Theater Forum UHT. To date, the main objective of the association is to promote and support creative activities in schools, institutions, associations and companies. He sees integrative theater as a form of resistance against prejudices and against any attempt to impose unnecessary physical subdivisions. He is an advocate of intellectual openness and humanity. He tries to overcome barriers and promote encounters and intense cultural exchanges that are always connected to a common creative goal of the performance with artistic value in mind.

FLAVIA MONCERI is a radical, political philosopher. Due to the increasingly complex diversification of modern societies, she demands that politics be individualized, starting from one's body and one's own situation. She replaces the democratic ideal of the sovereignty of all by the sovereignty of the individual and, in this sense, researches for ways and means of how the concept of citizenship, i.e. membership, rights and participation, can be extended/stretched for every individual of the community. In her model, she tries to free the citizens of gender and human or physical abilities. For years, she has reflected on what -is called a «disability», as well as sex and gender differences and inter-culturality. She tries to avoid labelling, to discuss and to deconstruct it, knowing that you can never do without.

21.00// DIALOGUE 2


KARIN HARRASER is a professor of cultural history at the University of Linz and has been studying cultural history and the history of prosthetics technology over the last years. She thinks that although we are already living in close cooperation with machines of all sorts, we still have only a limited repertoire of images, stories, and concepts to conceive of our living (and dying) together with them. Classical questions Karin is interested in concern definitions of a good life, the right to imperfection, and the justice of resources.

KLAUS BIRNSTIEL is a literary scholar at the University of Basel. He lives with a 250-pound wheelchair, which takes over many of the uncovered functions of his body. His work deals with cultural representations of disability and sexuality, but also with the question of the relation between body and technology. His research shows that disabled bodies have always been fascinating. It is not only the curiosity of non-disabled people, whose cultural perception Birnstiel is interested in, but also the question of how disabled bodies can look back when they feel exposed to the gaze of others.

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