Copycat Academy
A weeklong masterclass with an absent master

Second edition

June 21st – 28th, 2015

Gabriel von Max

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June 21st - 28th, 2015
The Theatre Centre

(1115 Queen St. W.)
Toronto, Canada

The Copycat Academy - PARTICIPANTS 2015

Dauphinais, Laurence (Montreal)
Actress, creator, director and musician/songwriter, Laurence Dauphinais is a multidisciplinary artist particularly interested by the invisible within ourselves. She just came back from a 6 week France tour with ishow, an unclassifiable performative theatre piece she has co directed and will start producing the second EP of her solo music project La Dauphine as well as creating a short solo form round around the relationship of a woman with Siri in a time of crisis for the Offta ’15.

Davidson, Bug (Austin)
Bug Davidson is a motion image artist and film director that lives and works in Austin, Texas. Davidson trucks in ideas of the gendered body, sound theory for moving images and dance for camera.

Evans, Moriah (Brooklyn)
Moriah Evans is a choreographer. Her work has been presented at MoMA/PS1, Issue Project Room, Danspace Project, the Kitchen, Judson Church, American Realness, CalIT2, Kampnagel & Theatre de l’Usine. She is the Editor-in-Chief of the Performance Journal. During her 2011-2013 residency at Movement Research, she initiated The Bureau for the Future of Choreography.

Fini, Francesca (Rome)
I'm an Italian artist working with new media and performance art.
My live projects, always addressing social and political issues, are mixed with lo-fi technology, homemade interaction design devices, live audio and video.

Flanagan, Helen (Rotterdam)
Helen Flanagan is a British multimedia artist. Her work makes use of the potential continuity between moving image, musical score and narration to imbue mundane reality with theatrical ebbs and flows.

Furey, Ellen (Montreal)
Ellen Furey is an artist working in dance and has performed with Dancemakers, Daniel Levéillé, and Marten Spangberg among others. Her work deals with the performance of performance.

Grishenko, Aleksay (Novosibirsk)
Aleksey is an Artist working with New Media and Interactivity. He graduated from the Novosibirsk Institute of Technology and working for a Research, Educational and Art institutions since 2004.

Heller, Chris (Toronto)
Chris Heller, born in Virginia, matriculated in Toronto, is a performance-based video artist unraveling the ways in which the body (its behaviour), mind (through language) and environment(as we know and not know it) motivate one another.

Ho, Winnie (Montreal) - emailed again April 16
Winnie is a performance artist who is drawn to finding various experiential and intimate ways to fully immerse our personal and collective bodies together in space. Her durational and site specific works and performances have been shown in various places in Europe and North America.

Holt, Gregory (Philadelphia)
Gregory Holt is a dancer who combines somatic approaches with a social view of the body inspired by popular education and critical cultural theory.

Hsu Ray (Vancouver)
Ray Hsu is co-founder of Art Song Lab and the Medici Group.

Kamino, Ben (Toronto)
Benjamin Kamino is an artists living and working between Montreal and Toronto. His work has been shown in Austria, Brazil, Canada, Mexico and the United States. Kamino maintains his practice as a dancer by engaging in contracts with independent choreographers as well as dance companies most notably, Peggy Baker Dance Projects, Ame Henderson, Michael Trent, Sasha Kleinplatz and Virgil Baruchal. Kamino holds a BFA in Dance for the Tisch School for the Arts (NYU), and is currently a curator at Dancemakers Centre for Creation (Toronto).

Kleinplatz, Sasha (Montreal)
Sasha Kleinplatz is a contemporary dance choreographer from Montreal. Her most recent work is L’Échauffement a work structured by non-stop running, a 24 foot long slide, and many pieces of neon clothing.
Sasha and creative partner Andrew Tay run the company Wants&Needs Danse, a platform for the performance events Piss in the Pool, Short&Sweet, and Involved.

Nicols, Eroca (Toronto)
Eroca Nicols aka Lady Janitor combs the globe looking for places to incite radical moments of art chaos, consume massive amounts of coffee, wear amazing unisuits and confer with movers and thinkers of all varieties.

Portigal, Simon (Toronto)
Simon Portigal is a current member of experimental dance company Dancemakers, in Toronto. He maintains simultaneous work as an independent dancer and choreographer.

Sen, Shaunak (Dehli)
Shaunak Sen is a filmmaker and artist based in New Delhi. He's currently finishing his first feature-length film 'Cities of Sleep'. Shaunak is also currently pursuing a PhD in cinema studies.

Ellen Söderhult (Stockholm)
Ellen Söderhult was born in Stockholm, Sweden. At the moment she is completing her second BA, this one in contemporary dance performance, at DOCH.

Tucker, Julie Rae (Ottawa)
Julie Rae Tucker is an Ottawa based artist, independent curator, cultural worker and a proud member of the Munsee-Delaware Nation. She loves cooking, especially with her friend Kathleen in their financially unsuccessful food business the Friday Lunch Project.

Watson, David (Brooklyn)
David Watson is an experimental musician, living and working in New York since 1987. He generally performs as a guitarist or highland bagpiper. Other than music contexts, he has made music for dance and for film. He has an ongoing project creating processions, including at the Stedelijk Museum last year.

Yamamoto-Masson, Nine (Berlin)
Yamamoto-Masson, Nine is a French-Japanese artist, curator, translator and PhD researcher working on issues of hybrid identities within structures of power, issues of memory and trauma related to state violence; image-politics, visibility and access, and possibilities of counter-hegemonic narratives and networks of resistance.