The Copycat Academy

June 9-15, 2014

The Theatre Centre

Toronto, Canada

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The Copycat Academy
is comissioned by Luminato festival
Evan Webber, Associate Producer
Sarah Lewis, research Berlin



The Copycat Academy
A weeklong master class with an absent master

A project by Hannah Hurtzig
Commissioned and produced by the Luminato Festival


Gada, Gregory and Riemants, in the back Peggy Gale, Photo Claudia Còrdova

Brandon Alvendia is a Chicago-based conceptual artist, curator, writer, publisher and educator. His interdisciplinary practice playfully engages spatial and social architectures to envision temporary utopias.

Tawny Andersen is a performer and performance theorist. She is currently working on a Ph.D that considers philosophical articulations of the concept of performativity as forms of critical, performance practice.

Sanna Blennow was born and raised in Stockholm, Sweden, moved to Copenhagen, Denmark, to study contemporary dance & choreography, got a little fed up with that and moved around in Europe to find meaningful things to do and sometimes succeeded.

Brett Donahue is an actor and theatre creator originally from Winnipeg, Manitoba, now based in Toronto. He's a founding member of the theatre collective Epic & Everyday, and in his downtime can be known to play the piano and harmonica, and to fix motorcycles.

Justus Harris is a technology researcher, writer, performance artist and type 1 diabetic cyborg. He is exploring the search for intimacy and experience of illness across generations.

Jiri Havelka is a Czech director, author and actor, living and working mostly in Prague. Using collective improvisation as a method of creating original authored productions, his plays belong to the boundary between traditional and alternative, visual or even physical, theatre.

Kristen Holfeuer is a Saskatchewan actor and director. She is the founder of Kamikaze Archive Theatre which creates and produces inventive, movement-based, performative theatre.

Rimants Irzikevics is a young video artist from Latvia, who seeks his own way into the world of art by moving images and people's minds.

Gada Jane is a writer, filmmaker and performer. Her work explores pretense and identification in the crosscurrents of politics and pop culture.

Jordan Loeppky-Kolesnik is a visual artist interested in contemporary material & visual culture, cinematic narrative, and artificiality & representation. He works primarily in sculpture, installation, and video.

Victoria Macarte is a dancer, performer, stylist, muse and general Superstar based in Barcelona where she is part of the collective Les Bronte with fashion designer and artist Rosa Tharrats, creating performance interventions under the umbrella project of NEOTAXIDERMIA.

Humboldt Magnussen recently completed an MFA degree at OCAD University with a focus in performance, sculpture, and photography. He uses ornamentation and the insertion of his own queer body into a hyper masculine context in an effort to expand existing notions of masculinity.

Varun Mathur is a filmmaker from New Delhi, India, whose creative and journalistic works have recently taken him to Sierra Leone and Ghana. He's working now on a feature length film about migration.

Alfredo Staffolani was born in Buenos Aires in 1982. He is an actor, director, and playwright. He works as a professor of drama and writing in the Buenos Aires University and La Odisea College of dramatic arts.

Bojana Stancic works between installation practice and theatre design. Inspired by transformative use of materials and space, she envisions her work as participating in a conversation between performative sculpture and site-specific installation.

Alejandra Pombo-Suarez moves between writing poetry and creating films through performances to be seen cinematically. Currently, her interests and ideas are haunted by a particular notion: perencounter, which prowls around contemplation, accident, magic and artifice.

Andrew Tay is a hybrid form of performer, choreographer and dance curator based in Montreal. In 2005 he co-founded (with collaborator Sasha Kleinplatz) the company Wants&Needs danse. Since then, they have produced the wildly popular Piss in the Pool and Short&Sweet dance events.

Thom Vernon is a writer, performer and educator who explores the meanings applied to bodies. A queer exile and HIV-positive for almost thirty years, he lives in Toronto.

Paul Wiersbinski was born in Germany in 1983. He uses artistic methods within scientific fields, while connecting historical and political themes within fictitious scenarios.