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Warsaw 2006

Ghosts, Spectres, Phantoms
and The Places Where They Live

August 25th until September 10th

>><BrutstubeStuart / Le Roy Jill & Jared/Skeletons Warsaw 1 & 2 Vampires & Religion... Julius Koller & Charlie House in the Tree . ....Credits

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1. Polish Experts
154 polish experts took part in the Warsaw editions of Blackmarket for Useful Knowledge and Non-Knowledge

2. Course Programme
- Choreography / Dance
- City as Stage, Images - Photography on Archives, Warsaw and the Undead
- Inventing/ Experimenting / Doubting Concepts and Ideas
- Performing / Acting / Directing

3. Public Programme
- Blackmarket for Useful Knowledge and Non-Knowledge II
Warsaw Field Trips
- Cargo Sofia - Warszawa. Five Truck Performances
- Film Programme
- Lectures / Presentations

4. Working Grants
For the first time with this edition Mobile Academy has the chance to award four working grants to artists who have been intensely involved in Mobile Academy Warsaw 2006.

5. Photo Archive


sound: "Relax it's only a Ghost" by phantom ghost, http://www.lado.de/artists/phantom_ghost


Mobile Academy Warsaw is a project by
Hannah Hurtzig and Carolin Hochleichter

Honorary President:
Prof. Dr. Maria Janion

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