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Rabih Mroué

Rabih Mroué is among a new generation of artistic voices from the Lebanon developing a reputation both in the Lebanon and internationally for their acutely observed and formally innovative artworks.

Rabih Mroué (1967, Beirut) is an actor, director and playwright. In 1990, he began by putting on his own plays, performances and videos. His works are recently in great demand in the European art scene. He is in constant search for new and contemporary relations among all the different elements and languages of the theater art forms; questioning the definitions of theater and the relationship between Space and Form of the performance and how the performer can deal with the audience. His work is minimalist and utilizes various media such as video, performance or theatre. His works deal more with political issues that the Lebanese political attitude is trying hard to disregard. He draws attention tons more broader political economic contexts by making semi documentary theatres, and develops from it works where "Truth and Fiction" are intermingled, creating "small histories", about the city of Beirut and the Middle East region in its expression of some unpalatable norms about the Arab identity and other conflicts. From theatre practice to politics, from the problematic of representations to his private life, his search for "Truth" begins via documents, photos and found objects, fabricating other documents other "Truths" as if the work becomes more and more a dissection table for the dubious processes of Lebanon's war society. With this growing amount of materials, a surrealistic saga unfolds, which constantly teases at the proposition that "between the truth and a lie, there is but a hair". His latest piece "Looking for a missing Employee" is an investigation performance where the artist becomes a "detective" interested in using documents of actuality to understand how rumours, public accusations, national political conflicts and scandals act on the public sphere as shaped by print media. Mroué incorporates radical criticism particularly in his video imagery. While never losing a sense of a certain humor, Biokraphia shrewdly provides a space to consider the invention of biography, with all its dreams, failings and idiosyncrasies, within the frame of the beginning of a history.

Among Mroué’s works:

2003: "BIR-ROOH BID-DAM". 2003: "LIMP BODIES", Tannzquartier Wien, Denkmal project.
2002: “BIOKHRAPHIA” with Lina Saneh, Ashkal Alwan production.
2001: “FACE A / FACE B”.
2000: “RED DEAD ZONE” with Feyrouz Serhal, Ashkal Alwan production.
2000: “THREE POSTERS”, with Elias Khoury, Festival Ayloul production.
1997: “EXTENSION 19”, Festival Ayloul production.
1995: “LA PRISON DE SABLE”. 1993: “THE LIFT”.
1990: “L’ABAT-JOUR”.