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Fake - People's Academy. For 1 Euro.

Tours. Ways. Guided Tours
Special city tours will be taking place over the whole duration of the Mobile Academy. They will consist of 35 scouts accompanying small groups of students through Berlin.

These individual topographies will introduce two asynchronous experiences of the city: locations and streets, which indicate habits, everyday life and familiarity and / or places of historical or contemporary inadequacy and strangeness. They are tours through urban zones, which convey feelings of home and strangeness, lying between, habit, alienation and reappropriation - alongside the representative buildings, the private local districts, into deserts and free territory.

Scout: Benjamin Foerster-Baldenius
Sites of the petty and the embarrassing in Berlin: places of gossip, gems of the city, hangouts and building sites, imitation buildings, historical reconstructions and the failed big projects of the last 100 years.
Benjamin Foerster-Baldenius is a representative architect, Raumlabor_Berlin
Tuesday, 31st August, 15:30, Mitte / Kreuzberg

Scout: Friedrich Dieckmann
Feudal, bourgeois and socialist architecture of the historical centre of Berlin - from the Sophienkirche to the TV tower.
Friedrich Dieckmann is a writer and publicist.
Tuesday, 31st August, 15:30, Kreuzberg

Scout: Wolfgang Müller
An Icelandic bicycle trip though Berlin and a visit to the exhibition hárkunst - New Cuts from Reykjavik.
Wolfgang Müller is both an expert on elves and an artist and also teaches at the College of Visual Arts in Hamburg.
Tuesday, 31st August, 15:30, Mitte / Tiergarten

Scout: Petra Pau
From Kastanienallee via the Marienkirche to Dorotheenstraße.
Petra Pau is the representative for the PDS in the German parliament.
Tuesday, 31st August, 15:30, Prenzlauer Berg / Mitte

Scout: Amelie Deuflhard
Various sites that are being temporarily put to use. Free spaces for artists, which are also being increasingly commercialised due to the economy and event agencies. Stopping points will include the Villa Elisabeth and the skeleton of the Palast der Republik.
Amelie Deuflhardt is the head of the Sophiensaele in Berlin.
Tuesday, 31st August, 15:30, Mitte

Scout: Friedemann Büttner
Rich Dahlem, with its old villas, small parks and shocking places. Here were the headquarters of the Allied control council from1945-1990, the location of the first atomic fission in 1939, the institute for the "scientific" analysis of the concentration camp experiments on twin research and the listening and sending units of the former main headquarters of the American forces in Berlin (which still have not been dismantled).
Friedemann Büttner is a professor of politics and the Middle East at the Free University in Berlin.
Wednesday, 1st September, 17:00, Dahlem

Scout: Stefan Thimmel
The Topography of Terror, the 'Führer bunker', the Schwarzenberg Haus and the Holocaust Memorial: places between appropriation, redistribution, reinterpretation and privatisation.
Stefan Thimmel is a trained architect, freelance journalist and consultant for development cooperation.
Wednesday, 1. September, 17:00, Mitte

Scout: Micz Flor
The point in a system which breaks when it is overloaded without the complete system collapsing is called the predetermined breaking point. In Berlin for example, such a point is visible in Wolliner Straße: half 'Red Wedding' / half Mitte, underground is the most spectacular escape tunnel, above the ground the area seperated by the wall, the Mauerpark in the east and the wall memorial in the west.
Micz Flor is a cultural entrepreneur and media activist.
Wednesday, 1st September, 17:00, Mitte

Scouts: Jonas Wenzelewski, Arasch Rahimi-Afshari, Chehad Ali Abdallah
The historical / practical graffiti tour with graffiti artists and a visit to the East Side Gallery.
Jonas Wenzelewski, Arasch Rahimi-Afshari, Chehad Ali Abdallah, graffiti artists.
Wednesday, 1st September, 17:00, Kreuzberg

Scout: Swantje Henke
Swantje Henke will lead a tour of various theatres, introducing and examining theatres in the west and the east, both inside and out.
Wednesday, 1st September, 17:00, Charlottenburg / Tiergarten / Mitte

Scout: Neco Celik
Living and dying in the Nürtinger elementary school, in the Georg-von-Rauch-Haus, at Mariannenplatz, in Muskauer Straße and in the market hall (Markthalle).
Neco Celik is a filmmaker.
Thursday, 2. September, 17:00, Kreuzberg

Scout: Lindy Annis
The monuments of past powers are being destroyed, rubbed out, replaced, modified, acquired, made into museums or forgotten: a tour to the SPD headquarters, Göring's air force ministry, the glittering towers of Sony and Mercedes Benz, the Brandenburg gate and 'Stalinallee'.
Lindy Annis is a director and performer, famous for her short performances, most recently Shorts: an Encyclopedia of Tragic Attitudes, Lady Hamiltons Attitüden
Thursday, 2nd September, 17:00, Kreuzberg / Mitte

Scout: Thomas Heise
Start: National snack bar at S-Bahnhof Storkower Straße, under the clock without numbers that has a view of the job centre. Tour: cheap fabric shops, the Prenzlauer Berg district office, taking a social security waiting number and waiting in the office. Finish: drinking a beer standing up at the kiosk in front of the office.
Thomas Heise is a documentary filmmaker, author and director. His films include: Vaterland (2002), Der Ausländer (1987 / 2004)
Thursday, 2nd September, 14:00, Friedrichshain / Prenzlauer Berg

Scout: Jesko Fezer
Structures of ecological, social, collective or self-determined housing forms in Tiergarten.
Jesko Fezer is co-editor of AnArchitektur, co-operator of the bookshop Pro qm and also teaches at the University of Arts in Berlin.
Thursday, 2nd September, 17:00, Tiergarten, cancelled because of illness

Scout: Matthias Lilienthal
The utopia of the Bauhaus style has only managed to leave behind an economised version of Berlin and some remains. Will the next aesthetic thrust emerge from these suburbs when the nostalgia for old buildings is over? Or will they degenerate into a social focal point? A tour from U-Bahnhof Lipschitzallee to Rudower Chausee.
Matthias Lilienthal is the artistic director of the Hebbel- am- Ufer/ HAU 1-3 Theatres.
Thursday, 2nd September, 17.00, Gropiusstadt

Scout: Annett Gröschner
A tram tour on the number 20 line: from the border crossing at Oberbaumbrücke through the former East Berlin to Eberswalderstraße, the Mauerpark and the formerly divided Gleimstraße.
Annett Gröschner is an author.
Friday, 3rd September, 17:00, from Kreuzberg / Friedrichshain to Prenzlauer Berg / Wedding

Scout: Dorothee Dubrau
Stopping points will be sites of successful urban appopriation: tenants and ideal gardens, living projects for do it yourselfers, self-run houses. Sites of the loss of a home: the Jewish quarter, the former Ahawa kindergarten, the collection point for deportations and the deportation memorial.
Dorothee Dubrau is the district council officer for urban development in Berlin.
Friday, 3rd September, 17:00, Mitte

Scout: Bruno Flierl
Between Potsdamer Platz and Alexanderplatz: social and governmental sites from the Spreebogen to Spreeinsel. The great boulevards: Unter den Linden and Friedrichstraße.
Bruno Flierl is an architectural theorist and has focussed on GDR city planning, planning for Berlin city centre and high-rise towns of the 20th century in his work.
Friday, 3rd September, 17:00, Mitte

Scout: Claudia Wahjudi
Oranienstraße and the neighbourhood around it as a mixture of art, migration and urban planning.
Claudia Wahjudi is artistic editor of Zitty magazine and a freelance cultural journalist.
Friday, 3rd September, 17:00, Kreuzberg

Scout: Sean Patten
A comparison between familiar and unfamiliar exoticism: the Berlin allotment colonies and the English pub.
Sean Patten, performance artist (Gob Squad)
Friday, 3. September, 17:00, Friedrichshain

Scout: Helmut Höge
Stopping points will include: Waldemarstraße - the earlier site of close combat training for the neigbourhood militia, today the place of residence for an entire Anatolian village, the 'Neue Kreuzberg' and the Georg-von-Rauch-Haus in Bethanien (once co-occupied and defended by Höge).
Helmut Höge is an author and currently working as a correnspondent for the taz and Friday
Saturday, 4th September, 17:00, Kreuzberg

Scout: Mohammed Abdel Amine
Stopping points of an African Berliner, from Zoo to Wedding and on to Kreuzberg: the international telephone shop at Hardenbergplatz - Federal Border Police - the African quarter - Allotment colony with a colonial past - African food shop - Registration point for foreigners.
Mohammed Abdel Amine, Brandenburg Initiative for Refugees
Saturday, 4th September, 17:00, Tiergarten / Wedding / Kreuzberg

Scout: Robert Graf
A tour on and underneath Schlossplatz - today the site of the ruined Palast der Republik previously the location of the Hohenzollern castle and national monument for William the Great.
Robert Graf is a theatre studies expert and is currently working as a designer and developer of medical UMTS applications.
Saturday, 4th September, 17:00, Mitte

Scouts: Susanne Sachße und Marc Siegel
Hedy Lamarr, one of the most glamorous actresses of the golden era of Hollywood was happiest between marriages - a reconnaissance of queer pleasures: cruising the streets by day and walking through the park at night.
Susanne Sachße is an actress, Marc Siegel is a film scientist.
Saturday, 4th September, 17:00, Prenzlauer Berg

Scout: Sandra Umathum
The metamorphoses of 3.3 km long north-south and east-west mile both at the same time.
Sandra Umathum is a theatre studies academic and is currently writing her thesis on plot instructions in art.
Dienstag, 14th September, 17:00, Kreuzberg / Mitte

Scout: Jacob Bilabel
The sites of Berlin's musical workshop - the small labels in Schlesische Straße, the Arena in Treptow and the big studios: MTV and Universal Music.
Jacob Bilabel is the director of creative concepts for Universal Music Germany
Dienstag, 14th September, 17:00, Mitte

Scout: Shermin Langhoff
Tea time with Tamer Yigit (actor and filmmaker), building joints with Killa Hakan (rapper / musician), modelling penises with Gio di Sera (ambassador of Kreuzberg).
Shermin Langhoff (kultursprünge, Berlin) is an authorised representative of the cultural sector.
Dienstag, 14th September, 17:00, Kreuzberg

Scout: Volker Hassemer
The former area around the wall, now: Potsdamer Platz, Ministergärten, Reichstag, Spandauer Vorstadt, Wall- and a Railstrategy.
Volker Hassemer was the Berlin government senator responsible for planning after the fall of the Wall.
Dienstag, 14th September, 17:00, Mitte

Scout: Jochen Becker
The Teufelsberg as the highest point in Berlin: a wannabe ski-area with the rubble of the Second World War underneath it. This is where the cold war listened to the east - now luxury flats are to be built here.
Jochen Becker is a critic, lecturer and curator of metroZones in ErsatzStadt
Dienstag, 14th September, 17:00, Wilmersdorf

You can register for the tours on 25 900 457. Then you will be told the meeting point for the tours. Unless otherwise mentioned, the tours are in English.