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Ivo Dimtchev, 28, performer, choreographer, musician and visual artist from Sofia/ Bulgaria. His recent works include The last room, a digital photography project and the solo-performance Lili Handel - poetry and music from the white whore's boudoir.

Andrea Fiorillo, 25, studied literature and philosophy and works in Naples/Italy as an actor. His roles include ones in Oro Nero, guerra o pace in Iraq (theatre; directed by Bianca Mastrominico), Amore e Libertá - Masaniello (film; directed by Angelo Antonucci) and a role in the Italian soap opera Un posto al sole for ten episodes.

Olga Galljamova, 23, Russian actress from Riga/ Latvia. She is currently working with the director Roman Viktjuk on Past summer in Chulimsk and could be seen in Hloja (directed by Viesturs Kairish) amongst other things.

Bettina Grahs, 28, cultural studies expert and actress from Berlin/ Germany. She is the co-founder of the theatre group mamouchi, is currently working on a ‚rage-aria' for a children's play and could recently be seen in Grenzgänger directed by Tanja Krone in Leipzig.

Neta Hagiladi, 27, Israeli actress from Berlin/Germany. She was director of the children's' museum Holon and was in The Prince and the Pauper by Mark Twain at the Goshen Theatre.

Marjana Krajac, 29, Croatian dancer and choreographer from Berlin, student of theology and religion science. Her current performance Seducing Pablo Escobar is about the events surrounding the drug baron Escobar.

Julia Littmann, 31, actress from Berlin, is currently part of the Potsdam theatre group Poetenpack in Shakespeare's A Midsummer Night's Dream and is developing a production about the big themes of fairy tales: love, power and envy.

Valeriu Pahomi, 24, actor from Chisinau/Moldova, worked with Ion Sapdaru in Claudius - Hamlet and Petru Vutcarau in La machine Chekhov

Maryam Palizban, 22, actress, singer and director from Teheran/ Iran. She was in Deep Breath (film festival Cannes 2003) and can play traditional Iranian instruments such as the Tar and Cetar and the wind instrument Baruk Flute.

Snezhina Petrova, 34, actress from Sofia/ Bulgaria. She was in the Vagina Monologues (directed by Galin Stoev, Theater 199, Sofia), A month in a Village (directed by M. Mladenova, National Theatre Sofia) and in the film Yesterday's Meal (directed by K. Bonev) amongst other things.

Samandar Pulodov, 34, from Dushanbe/ Tajikistan, comparative musicologist, director, producer and director of a NGO for cultural development in mountain regions.

David Ruggieri, 26, actor from Rome/ Italy. He wrote Emigrants' Stories, is a member of the theatre group Teatroarte and is a tenor.

Sylvia Schwarz, 31, actress from Berlin/ Germany. She has worked with Leander Haussmann, Robert Wilson and Lou Reed. After attending a workshop with the Korean director Youn-Taek Lee, she was a member of his self-governed theatre collective for six weeks.

Peter Stock, 32, rock sculptor and actor from Berlin/Germany. He was in the TV- series Im Namen des Gesetzes and Balko, is a member of the theatre group Nico and the Navigators, sings Italian opera and adores Adriano Celentano.

Lily Sykes, 19, studies German and philosophy in Oxford/Great Britain and works as an actress and director. Her last directing work was for Lulu at the Old Fire Station Theatre in Oxford

Nicole Tobler, 29, actress from Zurich/ Switzerland. She studied at the Konrad Wolf Film and Television College in Babelsberg. She has a vagrant temperament and together with five other women she is liberating the state of Warania from its corrupt government.

Elena Tzavara, 26, German-Greek assistant to the director at the National Opera and director from Berlin. She is currently working on a concept for a Baroque half-opera by Henry Purcell as well as on the problem of dialogues in operas.

Julia Schreiner, 31, German theatre- and film scientist, cultural scientist and cultural manager from Berlin, has been working amongst others at the Goethe Institute Abidjan/ Ivory Coast.

Lawrence Asafo-Agyei, 27, author, producer and film director from Accra/ Ghana. He is interested in the status quo of social systems. His work as a direction includes Colonial District Court (2004) and Cruising Pleasure (2003).

Clara Arnedo, 28, TV- journalist and editor from Barcelona/ Spain. She works for the environmental magazine Amics dels Parcs Naturals and is responsible for audiovisual communication at the FUSIC cultural agency in Barcelona.

Nina Blazin, 24, student of direction from Ljubljana/ Slovenia. Her films concern alienation and aimlessness, city -exploration and metamorphoses - Unplugged (2002) and A day in the city (2003).

Anyanwu Okechuwu Chima, 27, cinematographer and editor from Lagos/ Nigeria. His work include Lake of Fire and Who Killed the Governor? and the soap opera Candles in the Wind.

Tanja Dabo, 33, freelance artist and academic fellow at the University of Rijeka/ Croatia. Her performances and exhibitions reflect the relation between art and institution and the differences in detail when two people seemingly talk about the same thing. Her projects include Sanitation (2002) and Maintenance: RibCage (2003).

Didzis Eglitis, 24, actor and director from Riga/ Latvia. He worked on different sound- projects, at the National Opera Latvia and is currently producing the radio play Dun of two - which is recorded in public and includes passers by in a game of interactive elements.

Isabel Grahs, 35, director and filmmaker from Cologne/ Germany. Her work moves between commercial TV-productions (e.g. Start campaigns of Das Jugendgericht on the TV channel RTL) and freelance theatre- and film projects such as, an analysis of the labour market with an international cast.

Sinje Homann, 31, theatre pedagogue and director from Zurich/ Switzerland. She worked at Schlachthaus Theatre Bern, has realised different children- and youth theatre productions and is committed to the subjects of identity and migration. Her projects include Auftrag: Partisaninnen vs. Konsumgören and Pi - eine Annäherung an 3,1415 Menschen.

Katja Illner, 23, studies communication design with main focus on film and photography in Düsseldorf/ Germany. Her work can be described as somewhere between documentation and direction and deals with the question of which aspects of a person can actually be communicated and how visual language can be used for this.

Letricija Linardic, 33, artist and instructor at the University of Rijeka/ Croatia. She considers film to be medium of manipulation, which makes use of the fears of the spectators. Her projects include the video installation The Water Dream.

Gunar Otto, student of audiovisual media/ camera at the TFH Berlin. He is working on a documentary about fans of the folk music combo Kastelruther Spatzen between everyday city life and life in the mountains.

Branka Pavlovic, 30, film- and TV editor from Belgrade/ Serbia and Montenegro. She has worked with Emir Kusturica and Dragan Marinkovic and investigates the trail of hidden alliances between people and places, present and past and the crossover of time and space.

Alisher Primkulov, 22, director and journalist from Dushanbe/ Tajikistan. He worked as translator at the Afghan- Tajik border, made different film clips for the UN Development Program and directed the
documentary "CAIP in GARM" (2003).

Mahmood Shah Salimi, 30, director and producer from Kabul/ Afghanistan, worked at the BBC as scriptwriter for Afghan soap operas, as a lecturer and translator.

Renzo Solórzano, 30, actor and director from Costa Rica, lives and works in Hildesheim/ Germany as a part of German society and in the same time as a "projection space for the unfamiliar". He has acted in Geschichten vom Vögeln - ein Jugendtheaterstück (2004) and Schon scharf (2003).

Krassimir Terziev, 35, painter, video artist and photographer from Sofia/ Bulgaria. His work concerns the clichés of contemporary urban cultures, the mystification of national values, memory and social amnesia.

Wanja Wotschek, student of audiovisual media/ camera at the TFH Berlin. His films include Herzstück by Heiner Müller and he is currently working on a film based on a poem by Georg Trakl.

Michael Würfel, 32, translator, documentist and carpenter from Berlin. His films include Urlaub mit anpacken (2003) and Leben unter Palmen - das Ökodorf Sieben Linden (2002). His next film will work out home feelings in a small tourist area called Pfronten in the Allgäu.

Gähwiler, Lukas; Media and Video Artist / Filmmaker / Zurich/ Switzerland

Evelyn Arndt, 37, cultural pedagogue and puppeteer from Dusseldorf/ Germany. She has attended workshops with Robert Wilson and Phelim McDermott and has worked on Warten auf Seemann, a play for children and adults that concerns a sailor's desire for happiness.

Mariela Canzler, 20, assistant stage designer from Muhlheim/ Ruhr. She recently completed an internship at Fidena, a puppet theatre festival at Bochum.

Amy Carrigan, 26, from New York/ USA, widely travelled explorer, puppeteer, puppet maker and musician. She is working on a play about Andy Warhol that deals with capitalism, consumption and human beings as products.

Susanne Claus, 28, student of puppertry from Berlin, worked with Tom Kühnel at theatre Basel as a puppeteer and actress and with Lukas Langhoff at the Kammerspiele Magdeburg.

Christian Fuchs, 31, director and lecturer at the Franz Liszt College Weimar/ Germany. In his recent puppet / musical theatre production, The Little Mermaid changes from a puppet creature into a human being.

Mirjam Hofmann, 34, actress from Zurich/ Switzerland. She works in the freelance theatre scene (including Klebe mir Gott den Mund nicht zu at the Tuchlaube theatre) and makes glove puppets. Our favourite: Der alte Sack in seinem Zimmer.

Anne-Kathrin Klatt, freelance puppeteer and designer from Stuttgart/ Germany. Her productions include the underwater collage Mermaid and Mona Alma, in which Oskar Kokoschkas visions of the 'perfect woman' are investigated

Tamara Jovanovic, 27 costume and stage designer from Belgrad/ Serbia and Montenegro. She is interested in grotesque, satirical theatre and puppets as a medium to react to political phenomena.

Ivana Koraksic, 25, student of direction from Belgrad/ Serbia and Montenegro, fire juggler and clown. She is interested in grotesque theatre and the combination of different theatrical disciplines.

Lorena Monsalve a.k.a. Tank, Columbian-Venezuelan student from Goteborg/ Sweden, multimedia techno artist and circus-loving freak. He builds puppets and mechanical creatures and is working on the Flesh Machine Project, which consists of a wearable robot arm, a wireless camera and a video projection.

Sylvia Pendzik, 27, culture and media pedagogue and puppeteer student from Berlin/ Germany. She works with unprivileged children, as assistant director and in street theatre.

Sandra Pauly, 32, performing artist from Berlin and co-founder of the Stabfigurencompany, in which five players with ten bars create a two metre figure that reaches non-verbal contact with its environment.

Kirsten Roß, 33, puppeteer, director and pedagogue. Is touring through Germany with different one-man-shows as Puppentheater Pulcinella since 1999. Amongst others she put on stage Gulliver" of J. Swift for the swiss group Theaterpack as a director.

Jacob Sejersgaard, 29, Danish artist, lecturer and activist from Brussels/ Belgium. He has worked with Laura Guglielmetto and Hakon Atli Halldorsson in different projects on the sociology of public spaces and the order in chaos and took part in a festival in Ostende with a video installation that dealt with Peer Gynt and Ibsen.

Michael Hatzius, student of puppetry at the Ernst Busch College of Performing Arts in Berlin.

Bernard Akoi-Jackson, 25, painter, artist and art therapist from Tema/ Ghana, works as an author and in the field of integrative art amongst other things. His most recent project is an installation at the Goethe- Institut Accra, Watch AIDS.

Adriana Bernal, 28, photographer and designer from Bogotá/ Columbia, worked amongst others as an art designer for the International Theatre Festival in Bogotá and as a photographer for the Goethe Institut.

Stevan Bodroza, 26, director and scenographer from Belgrade/ Serbia and Montenegro. He investigates space constructions, deconstructs and reinvents them and understands space as the materialisation of inner worlds. His theatre projects include Tattoo Lesson and The World Improver.

Ida Daniel, 26, director and author from Sofia/Bulgaria, urban shepherd and city pilgrim. She works on the theory of identity and has assisted Leon Daniel at the Bulgarian National Theatre on Der Besuch by Dürrenmatt amongst other things.

Gudrun Dietzfelbinger, 32, director and art pedagogue from Auerbach/ Germany, is head of Theatre School Auerbach. She develops open-air theatre plays with laities, in which landscape turns to scenery and scenes extend to 17 kilometres.

Martin Fernández, 26, performer, director and artist from Buenos Aires/ Argentina. He recently worked on the Mutation Project with Dirk Cieslak in Berlin and Buenos Aires.

Siri Frech, 33, landscape architect and artist from Berlin, works photographically on movement and space. Her diploma thesis is on Design and Structure - a Semiotic Interpretation according to Umberto Eco.

Ellen Friis, 30, Danish theatre studies expert and student of interdisciplinary art from Berlin/ Germany. She is working on a project on The World as a Stage - her enquiries led her from gypsies in Berlin- Mitte to hypnotists in Treptow to the Palast der Republik in Mitte, from which she let Jackie Kennedy emerge.

Nathan Fuhr, 27, American conductor, musician, dramaturg and performer. Surfer estranged from the ocean in Amsterdam/Holland, working interdisciplinarily on daily life workflows and circuits of time and rhythm, and with his groups Collision Palace and Black Tan Tricks in the exploration of improvisation languages and energy.

Dr. Stefan Krankenhagen, 34, curator and instructor from Berlin/ Germany. He is interested in the concurrence of different historical spaces in the city. His current project is The Home as a Utopia/ Other Spaces at the University of Mannheim, that deals with different spaces of art.

Annabel Lange, 28, student of scenography and media art from Karlsruhe/ Germany. She works on the deconstruction of existent images of space, the conception of temporary design and its material realisation.

Astrea Pejovic, 20, student from Belgrade, organiser of the First International Theatre Festival for students in Serbia and Montenegro and member of the Playground Project, a forum of presentation for young artists from different disciplines.

Zusana Reznikova, 26, artist from Usobi/ Czech Republic. She puts performances and theatrical intervention into social contexts, worked on the project Art for social change - play against violence in Macedonia and designed websites for different institutions.

Tatiana Eva Saphir, 29, actress and director assistance from Buenos Aires/ Argentina. She acted in Tan de repente by Diego Lerman, which won the Special Price of the Jury and the Audience Award at the Locarno Film Festival. She could be seen recently in Dirk Cieslaks' Mutation Project in Berlin and Buenos Aires.

Nikolai Schetnev, 28, dancer and choreographer from Arkhangelsk/ Russland. He has worked with the Italian company ALEFdanzaateatro and with the Russian choreographer Alexander Pepeljaev at theatre Kinetik in Moscow amongst other things. His solo work includes In Silence.., in which he performs a lost Pas de Deux in time and space to the sounds of Chopin, the ocean and sea gulls.

Jakub Szreder, 27, sociologist, producer and curator from Krakow/ Poland. His work deals with the tension between local aspects of urban folklore and nomadism of art. He was the project curator at the Goethe Institut Krakow and is at present the curator for HutArt, a festival to reanimate the former industrial district Nowa Huta.

Vladimir Us, 23, painter, artist and lecturer from Chisinau/ Moldavia. His work deals with the relation between human and nature, symbols and architecture and the circumstances through which people are conditioned by law, moral and certain environments.

Petra Zanki, 26, theatre scientist and artist from Zagreb/ Croatia. She places dance in a social context. She initiated and performed Sofa jamming in public spaces and is working on Laredo, which "symbolises any place, no place. Empty and ready for recomposition."

Henriette Huppmann, 25, student of theatre studies and communication science at the FU Berlin, co-founder of the theatre group Kollektiv VolkArt, with which she workes at Women's Prison Lichtenberg amongst other things.

Sofia Bustorff, 35, German- Portuguese communication studies graduate, artist and producer from the USA. She has worked with the performance group mamapapa in Prague and on documentary performances for theatre, dance and music. Her performances in 2004 include dancing villages and

Iana Blajeva, 23, photographer from Sofia/ Bulgaria, works as a reporter and portrait photographer and has been working as a film photographer since 2003.

Joanna Czarowska- Sprawka, 27, architect and light designer from Warsaw/ Poland. She is currently working on lighting concepts for an old factory in Lodz and for an office building in Warsaw.

Jakub Deml, 26, artist, designer and lecturer from Stochov/ Czech Republic. In his current project in Ohrid/ Macedonia he is working on the relationship of inner landscapes and city landscapes.

Vesselin Detelinov Dimov, 28, director from Sofia/ Bulgaria, uses light as a conceptual and essential medium of dramaturgy. He directed Momo by Michael Ende and is working on the performance Few Steps silence with plays by Samuel Beckett.

Young Ji-hyun, 30, Korean dancer and choreographer from Amsterdam/ Netherlands, works on the differences between every day life and performance. She danced in Out of Time (choreography: Hong Sin-Cha in Seoul/ South Korea) and planned and performed The Engagement of Ordinary Life: Crossing the Bridge with the Awareness of a Performer in Amsterdam.

Milica Komlenic, 27, Serbian architect and light designer from Wismar/ Germany. She is working on her master's thesis on Manipulation of Space Perception, which deals with the possibilities to influence reality and illusions by light.

Karsten Komp, 29, architect from Hanover/ Germany, works on the abnormalities of every day life, the interactions of space and its use and the image of a city. His projects include Entschuldigung, darf ich mal erfahren, was sie da machen? - an installation in a porter's lodge.

Lissa Lehmenkühler, 25, student of scenic arts from Hildesheim/ Germany. She is working on the project Hotel Europa, which deals with the state of the transitory, the 'big myths' and narrations of the Ancient World and their adaptation and realisation in contemporary Europe.

Jaka Simenc, 30, light designer from Ljubljana/ Slovenia. His work deals with the symbolism of colours, forms, the different meanings of diverse lighting, the interaction of light, sound and space. He also worked as a light designer for the performances Kaktus unter Strom (2000) and S.K.I.N (2003).

Sören Strayle, 34, designer from Oberboihingen/ Germany. His work has included lighting concept for the city of Bremerhaven, which dealt with the urbanistic and problematic characteristics of the city.

Mira Voigt, 27, stage designer and master's student in book illustration from Berlin/ Germany. She is working on a concept for the Ring- Award, a competition for young stage designers and directors and also assisted at Baumeister Solneß at the Akademietheater Wien ( directed by Thomas Ostermeier, stage design: Jan Pappelbaum ).

Margita Zalite, 24, student of cultural studies from Riga/ Latvia, manager, curator and translator. She was part of the organisational team to coordinate the Dalai Lama's visit to Riga, is soprano at the Latvian State Choir and was curator of an exhibition at the Goethe- Institut Riga: Europa- wählen.

Klaus Zehbe, 33, actor from Berlin/ Germany, studies World Heritage Studies at the Technical University Cottbus - a master's course that deals with the worlds cultural and natural heritage. He works on the relationship between substantial historic sites and the involved traditions.

Annelie Kops, 26, architect, photographer and professional city enthusiast from Berlin/ Germany. She deals with the virtual levels of the city: imaginative, reproduced and fiddled realities. She is also an associate of the AIIRBAG design Studio New York/ Berlin.

Viet Dang, 25, dancer, choreographer and anchorman from Basel/ Switzerland, was Switzerland's Disco King master, has danced with DJ Bobo and teaches hip hop.

Maciej Florek, 23, dancer and choreographer from Warsaw/ Poland and performs and produces contemporary dance, breakdance and hip-hop. He is currently working on the first Polish hip-hop theatre project 12 Banges.

Laura Guglielmetto, 23, dancer from Turin/ Italy. She works in public spaces, develops performances for children (Aquarebelo) and teaches ballet and improvisation.

Magdalen Hayes, 24, American / German dancer and choreographer from London/ Great Britain. She is the founding member and artistic director of the international multimedia dance company La Ventana and has directed workshops in prisons amongst other things.

Konstantin Kolesov, 19, Russian actor from Tashkent/ Uzbekistan. He knows how to dance Mazurka, Uzbekistani and Russian Folk dances and has experience in acrobatics.

Abhilash Ningappa, 26, dancer and choreographer from Bangalore/ India, was trained in contemporary dance, Kalari, Yoga and Capoeira and has a black belt in Karate. He recently took part in various international festivals with no way out, an exploration of the conflict between reality and individual dreams.

Sanja Ristic, 24, freelance artist and dancer from Basel/ Switzerland. She worked with the compagnie Be Willie and was anchorwoman and editor at the music channel Viva Swizz.

Claudia Saalmüller, 23, theatre studies expert and dance student from Munich/ German. She performs modern dance and hip-hop and has also worked on Scandinavian (dance-) culture. Her next project will be a choreography that converts sign language into dance.

Zdenka Svitekova, 26, dancer, choreographer and dance teacher from Bratislava/ Slovakia, recently choreographed Floux and Emerged naked and performed at the Cairo Festival for Experimental Theatre amongst other things.

Evelina Usupova, 20, studies at the Ilkhom Theatre School of Drama in Tashkent/ Uzbekistan and has attended workshops with Mick Gordon and Francois Clavier.

John Wheelan, 32, Irish producer and performer from Edinburgh/ Great Britain. He works as multimedia performer and is founding member of the PARIP Forum in Scotland (Practice As Research In Performance).

Ivana Sajevic, theatre studies student from Berlin.