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There are currently several different products in various formats:

A four-minute Trailer on the Mobile Academy can be seen on our website.
Its a quicktimefilm with 33 Mb. (its advisable to store the film on your computer first)

In co-operation with the sound label Lucky Kitchen, we will be producing a CD of interviews that were made with the participants of the academy on the subject of the folklore of feelings. It was soon be available on this site.

Stefanie Bürkle has produced a plastic bag with motifs that the participants of the Mobile Academy photographed in their home countries, places of home and abroad: the FAKELORE CITY BAG.

Poster fakelore city bag

Photo: Stefanie Bürkle
The FAKELORE CITY BAGS, last day, last picture of the Mobile Academy


Annett Gröschner has compiled a collective Hypertext from the participants' diary entries from 13 August, which was displayed in the foyer of HAU1 during the Mobile Academy and can now be seen on the net.
>> groeschner.pdf (380 kb)


The artist Paul Rooney has been comparing his recordings from the Academy's "soup kitchen" to other film and literary kitchen scenes (Dardennes, Wexler, Hemingway etc.) and is turning them into a radio play.

In the kitchen of the Mobile Academy. Pasta

In the kitchen of the Mobile Academy. Lettuce
Photos: Paul Rooney


Some of the Audio Tours that were produced in the course "City as a Stage" with Stefan Kaegi can still be booked by anyone interested at the reception desk at Hebbel am Ufer.

A twenty-minute Film Documentation is currently in production in collaboration with two students at the Technische Fachhochschule. It will soon be available here for viewing.