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Open to the general public. Dance

"Connecting meaning to movement"
"Taking a risk means trying something you could fail at". Lloyd Newson, DV8, London Lloyd
Newson is the founder and Artistic Director of DV8 Physical Theatre. The language of the internationally renowned group is precise, rough and theatrical. In his work, the borders between dance, theatre and personal reality disappear. Lloyd Newson will be accompanied by his assistants, Robert Tannion and Kate Champion.

Kinomichi ® - Methode Noro
"Sport usually involves finding an opponent's weakness and defeating him. Kinomichi, however, involves accompanying a partner in movement. That is why the world needs these exercises." Master Masamichi Noro, Paris Kinomichi is an Asian art of movement, which was developed at the end of the 1970s by Master Masamichi Noro. It is not a martial art - it involves togetherness, communication, working with a partner. The workshop will be held by Martine Pillet, who has been a pupil of Master Noro's for 17 years.

Ultima Vez: Contact/Work with a Partner
"I am interested in the moment of impact, when you have to react, even though you have no control over things anymore. It is fascinating to observe how someone liberates themselves from difficulties, making use of their own strength." Wim Vandekeybus, Ultima Vez, Brussels This workshop will place a special emphasis on the subjects of contact and work with a partner. Both teachers, Nienke Reehorst and Iñaki Azpillaga are former members of "Ultima Vez", the company of the Belgian choreographer Wim Vandekeybus.

All dance workshops are a project of 'Tanzlandschaft Ruhr', Choreographisches Zentrum NRW, Essen. Please send your requests for a detailed programme directly to the address given below.